At our pharmacy, medical cannabis is the focus.

We are convinced that cannabis plays a significant role in nature-based medicine and can be effectively used in treating illnesses.

Medical Cannabis
We are your trusted cannabis pharmacy. We take the time for a thorough initial consultation to find the right treatment path with you.

Telemedicine in the Pharmacy

If needed, a doctor is available in our pharmacy via phone, WhatsApp, or Zoom for questions about medical cannabis. If none of our partner doctors are immediately available, we are happy to book your personal appointment conveniently through an online platform. This way, you can quickly and easily receive the necessary treatment.

Medical Cannabis
THC and CBD Therapy – A Brief Explanation: With us, you will receive a comprehensive initial consultation and advice.

Both treatments with THC-containing medical cannabis and with CBD require a prescription. Therefore, a thorough medical history and examination by a doctor are necessary for cannabinoid therapy. We are happy to assist you if you are unsure whether a therapy with THC or CBD is suitable for you.

How is medical cannabis used?
Medical cannabis is used individually and following a doctor’s consultation for the treatment of various symptoms and diseases, ensuring a therapy tailored to the patient.

What are the advantages of an initial consultation at the pharmacy?
At the pharmacy, you can receive medical advice and an initial consultation without an appointment. Additionally, our pharmacy staff can immediately access prescription or over-the-counter medications as needed and promptly identify potential interactions or contraindications with other medications. If necessary, we can also consult a doctor via phone. This can save you an additional visit to the doctor’s office and you may receive the appropriate medication directly on-site.

How does telemedical consultation work?
If during the consultation it becomes apparent that a doctor needs to be consulted, this can be done directly in the pharmacy via phone or Zoom meeting. If no doctor is available, we assist you in setting up and arranging a consultation appointment with one of our partner doctors.

What is the cost of the initial consultation?
The initial consultation by the pharmacy is free of charge. Further consultations with a doctor are subject to a fee.

The staff at the Pfauen Pharmacy are the first point of contact for all questions about health and cannabis for medical purposes. Personal, competent, and discreet.

Medical Cannabis Consultation