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Our Services
Our core competence is providing personalized advice and finding individual solutions to make your daily life easier when dealing with health issues.

Comprehensive Care

Are you looking for a place where you can find not only medication but also advice and support? Do you wish for a private conversation? We are at your disposal – whether it be for an individual consultation, an answer to your health questions, or for comprehensive pharmaceutical services.

You can avail of the following services at our pharmacy:

Medical Measurements and Checks

measurement can provide an answer, as blood pressure is a crucial indicator for your cardiovascular system. High blood pressure requires immediate action to bring it back to normal levels to prevent damage to the heart and vessels, which can negatively impact the brain, legs, kidneys, or eyes. At Medrosan Pharmacy Pfauen in Zurich, you can have your blood pressure professionally checked. We interpret your results and provide valuable health recommendations, helping you contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The Swiss Heart Foundation recommends everyone over the age of 18 to get a blood pressure check at least once a year.
Blood sugar measurements provide insights into your health and can detect potential diseases like diabetes. Symptoms like fatigue, discomfort, thirst, visual disturbances, or frequent urination may indicate high blood sugar levels. We measure your blood sugar, analyze the results, and offer consultation. A small drop of blood from the fingertip is sufficient. It's best to visit us in the morning before breakfast for the most accurate readings.

Consulting and Care

Quitting smoking is a significant decision for your health and well-being. Our smoking cessation program offers support on your journey to a smoke-free life. With personalized consultations and proven methods, we guide you to overcome nicotine addiction. Learn about the benefits of a smoke-free life and use our resources to start your quitting journey.
Whether due to carelessness, a mistake with your regular pill, or another reason, the morning-after pill offers a way to prevent pregnancy after contraceptive failure. Visit our pharmacy as soon as possible if you're unsure. In a confidential and discreet conversation, our pharmacists in Medrosan Pharmacy Pfauen in Zurich will inform you about the morning-after pill and determine its necessity through a questionnaire. The earlier you visit, the more effective the morning-after pill will be. Do not wait longer than 5 days!
Our pharmacists are qualified experts in both medication supply and health consultation. If you need support with diabetes management and weight loss, our pharmacists are here to help. We offer personalized nutritional advice tailored for diabetics and weight loss. Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns; we are here to assist you in your health journey and provide the best possible support. Your well-being is our concern.
Incontinence is a sensitive health issue that can impact your life. Our pharmacy offers discreet consultation for those affected by incontinence. Our trained team respects your privacy and provides empathetic support. We offer individual advice on products like incontinence pads, diapers, and other aids. Our pharmacists answer your questions, offer application advice, and help you find the best products for your needs.
Sleep problems can affect your health and well-being. Our pharmacy offers a comprehensive treatment concept for managing sleep disorders. Our goal is to help you achieve restful sleep and improve your quality of life. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need support with sleep problems. Our holistic treatment concept aims to provide you with better sleep and enjoy life to the fullest.
Migraine can be painful and debilitating, but targeted management can help reduce symptoms and enhance your quality of life. Our pharmacy offers a comprehensive migraine management program. Our migraine management services are designed to help you regain control over your migraines and improve your life quality.
Preparing for a journey requires careful planning, especially regarding health aspects. Our pharmacy offers comprehensive travel and vaccination consultations to ensure your trip is safe and healthy. Learn more about our travel and vaccination consultation services and how we can assist you in your travels by contacting us.
A well-equipped travel and home pharmacy is essential to be prepared for emergencies and protect your health. We offer assistance in assembling a comprehensive travel, home, and office pharmacy. Speak to our pharmacists to ensure you have the right medications and products to protect your health.
Allergies, especially hay fever, can impact daily life. We offer comprehensive allergy advice to help you manage your allergy symptoms, particularly hay fever. We are here to help you control your allergies and lead a symptom-free life. Learn more about our allergy advice services and how we can assist you with hay fever and other allergies. Your health is our top priority.
Skin, nail, and hair issues can be diverse and impact your well-being. We offer comprehensive consultation to help you manage these issues and maintain healthy skin and hair. We are here to assist you with your skin, nail, and hair problems, offering the best possible care and advice. Learn more about our services for skin, nail, and hair consultation and how we can help with your specific concerns. We look forward to your call!
We offer comprehensive initial consultation and evaluation. Treatment with THC-containing medical cannabis or CBD requires a prescription. Thus, cannabinoid therapy necessitates a thorough medical history and examination. If you're uncertain whether treatment with THC or CBD is right for you, we're here to help. The first consultation in our pharmacy is free. However, further examinations and evaluations by a doctor are chargeable.

Treatment and Therapy

Have you sustained a cut, scrape, or heavily bleeding wound and want it treated professionally? At Medrosan Pharmacy Pfauen in Zurich, we are trained to care for your wounds carefully, hygienically, professionally, and with the right material. Prompt and professional wound care can prevent infections and promote healing, preventing unsightly scars. We also explain how to care for the wound at home and advise if an additional doctor's visit is necessary.
Our pharmacy is your first port of call for comprehensive treatment and diagnostic clarification of common diseases. We understand the importance of getting quick answers to your health questions and finding the right treatment. Our goal is to help you with rapid diagnosis and effective treatment of common diseases. Visit us to benefit from our expertise and services.
For diabetics and asthmatics, a close look at their health is crucial. An important aspect is the polymedication check. This service in your pharmacy can help you manage your medications optimally. The polymedication check in your pharmacy is an important step to ensure that your medications are taken effectively and safely. Schedule an appointment today and benefit from our expertise.

Rental of Medical Devices

Discover our selection of high-quality breast pumps for rent, helping you optimally provide milk for your baby. Easy handling, hygienic safety, and competent advice included. Contact us now to learn more.

Custom Products and Services

If you have tired or heavy legs after long workdays or travel, compression stockings (also known as support stockings or venous stockings) can be helpful. Compression relieves your legs. Especially if you already suffer from varicose veins, swollen legs, or ankles, compression stockings make sense. We will measure the stocking for you personally and show you how to handle it.
Most medications are industrially produced today. However, not all active ingredients are available as finished drugs. Sometimes certain strengths (e.g., children's dosages) are also missing. Thanks to our training, we are specialists in the individual production of medications: We manufacture tea mixtures, solutions, ointments, creams, suppositories, and capsules on prescription. We are also happy to manufacture according to customer requests if the recipe does not contain prescription substances.
We offer a wide range of solutions for the procurement of chemicals and raw materials needed by various industries and for different applications. Rely on our long-standing experience and expertise.
Maintaining an overview is not always easy with regular medication intake. Did I forget a tablet? Was it taken at the right time? Handling requires time and concentration. With the "Blisterservice," the intelligent medication dosing system of Medrosan Pharmacy Pfauen, there are no more uncertainties about your medication intake. With the pre-dosed "blisters," you have the right medications easily and quickly at hand.

Services for Institutions

Our ordering and delivery service is designed to make your healthcare supply as uncomplicated as possible. Contact us to discuss your personal requirements and find tailor-made solutions for your individual healthcare supply.
For appointment scheduling, you can reach us both by phone and via our email. Alternatively, you can select some services directly through our booking tool.

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